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Sam Levy's Village SPAR:

Sam Levy's Village SPAR:


Sam Levy’s Village SPAR – Innovative Shopping!
Situated in the Sam Levy’s Village Complex – SPAR is a supermarket that boasts of not only international standards but a homely feel to those who not only wish to do their shopping but it’s a haven for those who would like to sit down by The Coffee shop for freshly baked pastry and deliciously brewed beverages, lunch and an early dinner!

In today’s busy world, many people fail to get adequate time to walk their dog, go for a sporting event, watch TV let alone do groceries for the family. SPAR recognised how busy the average person is and to aid in freeing up time for their valued customers, introduced an email and phone in ordering for customers to pre order their shopping for collection when it suits them thereby offering another level of convenience.
This works in a very simple manner – customers just email their orders to with an indication of  date and time they would like to collect their order and the order will be consolidated and ready for them to collect at their requested time. They will pay for the order on arrival and they are good to go without spending hours in the store! If the customer is a loyalty card holder they can pre load money on their My Club card and with each order, money will be deducted from their account, hassle free!

“Today’s average person has so much to do but with so little time! This concept we have introduced allows people to free up this precious commodity of time and not have the hassle of walking around the store shopping when they are in a hurry. We obviously would like our customers to spend time in our store but we are cognisant of the fact that some are just in too much of a hurry and we like to meet and address the needs of all our customers,” said Andrew Dobson, the General Manager of Sam Levy’s Village SPAR.
‘My Club’ Card was introduced a few months ago and is a phenomenon that has hit the market. This card rewards customers for their loyalty by giving them a 10% discount on more than 100 products in the store, and in addition to that discount – customers also get points for each time they shop at the store, redeemable for discount vouchers when they have accumulated at least 50 points! Change vouchers are definitely a thing of the past as customers change can be loaded onto the card to use next when they visit the shop!

Normal Trading Hours:     07:00 – 22:00hrs

Public Holidays:                  Open every Public Holidays 7am - TBA

Forms of Payment:            VISA, ZimSwitch, Cash. We also offer cash back of up to $500!


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