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Solution Centre

Solution Centre


Solution Centre was founded in Harare, Zimbabwe by Richard Kershaw, in 1997. The company was at the time, one of ten Apple Authorised Resellers, and has prevailed over all the opposition to remain as the Sole Authorised Apple Reseller in the Zimbabwean Market. Over the eight years of Solution Centre’s existence, it has firmly positioned itself as the dominant supplier of digital technology to Zimbabwe’s advertising, graphic design, and print/publishing industry, and is enjoying an ever increasing presence in the architectural design market as well as the home user market. Solution Centre was awarded the coveted Regional Africa Reseller of the Year Award in 1997, 1998 and 1999. It was the only times that this honour had been bestowed on a Zimbabwean company and highlights the important impact Solution Centre has made on the local market.

What do we do?
From the company’s inception, it has had a very clear view of what it intended to offer and how it was to be positioned in the market place, as articulated in its Vision Statement:
“To make Solution Centre the cutting edge destination for the digital generation in our market.” 
This vision has become reality in the local market and the company will continue to pursue this vision in the region.

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Contact Details: +263 4 442862/5, 480009,

Physical Address: 118 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare.

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